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Band We Like

Band We Like: Nervous Dater


November 19, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Nervous Dater is a 100% fun band that play pop math rock that punks.

Come for the hooks / shreds! Stay for the twinkles / noodles!

Since this good band first started playing shows sometime circa 2016 A.D., they've shared party bills with the likes of Hurry, Thin Lips, Tiny Moving Parts and Dude York (to name just a few) so if you like those bands (you should -- they're good!) you might like this band. In fact, I might even put money on that. Do you take Monopoly money???

Listen to Nervous Dater's joyful full length debut album below (and then get into their previous EPs).

Warning: blasting this may improve your mood so if you wanna stay bummed out please move along with your bad day.

The Players:

Rachel Lightner (Guitar, vocals)

Andrew Goetz (Drums, vocals)

Yonni Heenan (Guitar)

Kevin Cunningham (Bass)


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