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Horse Feathers relax the rock.

November 3, 2008
Here's a folk band that will get you to relax. Portland's Horse Feathers are one laid-back band. They began not as a band at all, but as the performing alias of guitarist/singer Justin Ringle. Soon however, Justin met multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick and the two quickly began writing music together. McCartney found his Lennon.

Currently, Horse Feathers has a playing roster of anywhere between 3-6 members (I think six is where they stand currently). Anyway, I really like these guys. So does Kill Rock Stars, who recently signed them.

And I hate to say it, but if you like Iron & Wine, you'll like Horse Feathers. And I only hate to say it because I feel guilty for immediately associating "folk" and "laid-back" and "acoustic" with Iron & Wine. How cliche! But, oh well.

Even Ringle's voice sounds a lot like Sam Beam's sometimes. You know, soft and pretty and fragile. He's got a beard, too!

Horse Feathers also employ the saw (that fabled "indie-folk" staple) and several different stringed instruments like cello and violin to round out the pastoral lushness. Here's a good band, alright.

Horse Feathers play Schubas, on Sunday, November 9th.


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