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Smashing Pumpkins reunite. This is strange.

November 3, 2008
Man, I used to be so obsessed with this band. Circa 1993, I would gaze for hours (literally!) at the two posters of Smashing Pumpkins adorning the walls of my bedroom. I would just lie there, look at Billy, and think "How can I be as cool as you?" Pretty pathetic, I guess. But what else is a good kid supposed to do all night? It beats OD'ing on lava lamp fumes.

My first real concert (if you don't count seeing Sandi Patti at Six Flags) was Smashing Pumpkins at the Aragon Ballroom (or "Brawlroom" as we used to say... how clever!) on their Siamese Dream tour. The Frogs opened. They were terrible. But they were also awesome because they were opening for Smashing Pumpkins. Swervedriver played next and I said "Sweet! Their singer has dreads!" And then came the main event; Billy, D'Arcy, James and Jimmy.

Of course, they blew my teenage mind away. And when Billy launched into "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in that really cool, quiet slow part of "Silverfuck" I thought this dude was sent down straight from rock god heaven. For weeks after, I refused to wash the shirt I was wearing to that show. It smelled of stale smoke, pubescent sweat and ROCK 'N ROLL. That concert changed my life. And then Smashing Pumpkins gradually started sucking. Oh well. The End.

(P.S. Siamese Dream is a better album than Nevermind. The End...again).

Smashing Pumpkins play Chicago Theatre, on Tuesday, November 18th, and Wednesday, November 19th. They also play Auditorium Theatre, on Friday, November 21st, and Saturday, November 22nd. All four shows are sold-out. Oh well.


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