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Blood on the Wall: quietly one of the best bands out there.

May 12, 2008
Vice magazine gave Blood on the Wall's first album a 10 out of 10. And Awesomer, is certainly that, so I guess they'll have to give it an 11. Their latest, Liferz came out not too long after and it's a pretty damn awesome album too.

These guys play Sonic Youth inspired hooks (complete with those crunchy guitars and weird noise tangents) meets the wall-of-sound riffs of Jesus and Mary Chain. They create an oddly wonderful world where everyone is a happy drunk and the L train runs every two minutes, around the clock.

Guitarist/vocalist Brad Shanks is the brother of bassist/vocalist Courtney Shanks. They're the regular collective power behind this trio (along with drummer Zach Campbell). Together, they all create some loud and schizophrenic songs that are shaky and spastic, heartfelt and warm.

Despite their gory name, Blood on the Wall doesn't want to hurt you. They want to get wasted with you, rock you, and have you leave their show with a big grin on your face.


Blood on the Wall play Empty Bottle, on Friday, May 23rd.


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