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The Teenagers: they'll annoy you with how awesome they are.

April 22, 2008
It's Teenagers time again. These young international lads are playing another show in Chicago (after playing just a couple months ago). The kids just want more, more, MORE! The Teenagers' upcoming date at the Abbey Pub include another one of our T favorites, Team Robespierre, as the openers. Rock it!

You've probably come across The Teenagers' debut record, Reality Check, (recently released on XL Recordings, home of Vampire Weekend, Tapes 'n Tapes etc...) being played if you've been to a show, DJ bar, or a party at your one cool friend's apartment in the past few months. And when you heard these admittedly silly songs by some dudes with funny accents, you probably either thought it was the catchiest thing you have ever heard, or you disregarded it as jokey-dancey-twee that would get old furiously fast. Either way, you're probably right. It's still fun though.

London/Paris synth-pop trio The Teenagers have a whole song devoted to Scarlett Johansson (called "Starlett Johansson," presumably to protect the innocent). I learned from the song that Scarlett "started out on Broadway when she was eight." Obviously, they did their IMDB homework. They also have a very dirty song called "Homecoming" about doing, well, dirty stuff with American cheerleaders. And they get right to the point with their track, "Fuck Nicole." Such subtle song titles our youth come up with these days.

The Teenagers also have funny voice-overs during their songs about fashion and things. And though their music has been likened to the soundtrack of a porno, these three guys are just really being more silly than sexy. They don't take themselves too seriously (they list "puberty" and "party" as some of their influences).

If you like to laugh while you dance to your kitschy post-new-wave, The Teenagers are the band for you. So that basically means this band isn't for everyone.

Opening is our longtime favorites, Team Robespierre! These guys rock the synth-punk, but that's just one tool of their complete game. They jump off the stage and jump around with the crowd, and just generally get all sweaty with the groundlings. If you don't have a good time at a Team Robespierre show, or just don't get it, you need to move closer to the stage (That means you, all you music industry Debbie Downers!)


The Teenagers and Team Robespierre play Abbey Pub, on Tuesday, April 29th.


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