Hanne Hukkelberg just played the Oh My Rockness show. Now she'll play Schubas!

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Hanne Hukkelberg just played the Oh My Rockness show. Now she'll play Schubas!

March 11, 2008
We just saw Hanne Hukkelberg twice (she played Oh My Rockness shows in NYC and at SXSW in the past couple days) and BOY does this woman have some pretty perfect pipes. You won't hear a voice like this too often.

Norway's Hanne Hukkelberg (pronounced Who-kel-burg) has been making a name for herself in Scandinavia and beyond for her prosaic indie-pop. Hukkelberg's seductive croon has often been compared to Feist, and the imaginative orchestration (pianos, gentle string plucks, soft tuba blows) and electronic experimentation (scattered glitchy-clicks, synths and sparse field-recording sounds) of her songs draw the inevitable comparisons to Bjork. The ruler of them all, Billie Holiday, is a name often thrown about when speaking of Hukkelberg, too.

Hanne Hukkelberg may perform under her own name, but this is no solo act on stage. Live, she has an impressive backing band of six (give or take a few) to help realize the grandeur of this cerebral listening experience. This is slow-motion music made for mellow fellows who like to veer towards the fanciful. It would also be a good soundtrack to any movie scene where the camera follows the protagonist underwater as he/she contemplates their life in the chlorine oasis of silence. Dramatic!


Hanne Hukkelberg plays Schubas, on Monday, March 17th.


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