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Darkest Hour are just plain brutal.

February 18, 2008
Are you impossibly angry that President's Day Weekend is over and you're stuck back in your cubicle, or in your familiarly sterile classroom, or back behind that damn cash register? Well, here's a healthy way to get that aggression out without losing your job, or your diploma, or your composure. Go get rocked by the impossibly brutal band, Darkest Hour. After forty-five minues of this, you'll return to your daily life a wise, calm sage.

D.C.'s Darkest Hour is a destructive force on your ears. I listen to these guys all the time when I'm feeling angry (which is only some of the time) or when I need that extra push to clean jerk that wheelbarrow full of bricks over my head. This is a band of five that doesn't make hardcore, they make core-core.

The screams are brutal (how can "singer" John Henry NOT have calluses solidifying all over his vocal chords?), the guitars shred with a ferocity that's best left to Lucifer, and the drums, oh my, this drummer seriously sounds like he's operating a city jackhammer in July. It's metal with plenty of melody. And it's raw meat and burnt potatoes for your shrill musical soul. Yeah, I like these guys. A lot.


Darkest Hour play Reggie's Rock Club, on Sunday, February 24th.


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