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Iron and Wine does DuPage County.

February 4, 2008
Iron & Wine are playing Wheaton College?! That sort of blows our mind because one of the staff members of Oh My Rockness attended that small school in the western suburbs of Chicago. My how they've come along way from the days of only booking Harrod and Funck!

Anyway, enough about that. Seeing Iron and Wine play in a intimate chapel is a pretty perfect setting, because as you know, listening to Sam Beam's songs often border on a spiritual experience.

Sam Beam, also known as Iron and Wine, is clearly the greatest Miami songwriter of all time. Then again, I don't know if I could name another Miami musician. Was Rico Suave from Miami?

Beam is unquestionably near the top of his craft as he creates one hauntingly beautiful song after another. With hushed, intimate, lyrical portraits revealing a depth not seen since the 60's folk movement, it's hard not to resort to cliché and call Beam's work pure poetry. Which is really amazing, because how could you possibly be a poet and a resident of the state of Florida? But Iron and Wine is just that good.

Beam's homemade songs have piercing clarity, leaving you to absorb every fret change and every plucked string. Sam Beam has no desire to use Iron and Wine as a showcase for vocal dexterity; he tells his stories in the only (mono) tone he knows how. And it's perfect.

If you need directions on how to get to Edman Chapel on the campus of Wheaton College, let us know. Just don't expect a crazy hot after-party anywhere in the vicinity. Well, maybe at the Chilis in Danada.


Iron and Wine play Edman Chapel on the campus of Wheaton College, on Friday, February 15th.


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