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Jukebox The Ghost's play positive indie-piano-pop.

January 22, 2008
DC's Jukebox the Ghost are an extremely entertaining piano-pop trio that writes cleverly optimistic songs. Their music gives off an aura that vaguely resembles happiness. Imagine!

Upon first listen to these guys you will probably think two things (depending on how in touch with the '90s you are); "Ben" and "Folds." It's true that singer/piano player Ben Thornewill (yes, that's really his first name) shares strong vocal similarities to that other Ben's tenor.

And, of course, it doesn't quell comparisons when both Bens are piano men. But Jukebox the Ghost probably lean a little more towards the dramatic flair (a la Queen) than Folds did (or does?).

People go crazy for these guys at their shows. And it's easy to see why, because the members of Jukebox the Ghost go crazy right along with us. They exhibit absolute delight in what they're doing every time they take the stage. It is clear they love writing catchy songs like these and they clearly have a whole lot of fun performing them.

You will have fun at a Jukebox the Ghost show too, but only if you can fully give in to the inherent joy that comes along with pop like this.


Jukebox the Ghost play The Note, on Friday, February 1st.


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