The Teenagers are dirty, and funny and thankfully, catchy. - Oh My Rockness

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The Teenagers are dirty, and funny and thankfully, catchy.

January 22, 2008
The Teenagers have come from across the pond with a fury! After their Saturday, January 26th show at Sonotheque, they head straight to the East to play four shows in NYC in three days. Phew! So who are these guys and why are so many venues clamoring to book them? Well, read on, friends. Read on.

London/Paris synth-pop trio The Teenagers have a whole song devoted to Scarlett Johansson (called "Starlett Johansson," presumably to protect the innocent). I learned from the song that Scarlett "started out on Broadway when she was eight." Obviously, they did their IMDB homework.

They also have a very dirty song called "Homecoming" about doing, well, dirty stuff with American cheerleaders. And they get right to the point with their track, "Fuck Nicole." Such subtle song titles our youth come up with these days.

The Teenagers also have funny voice-overs during their songs about fashion and things. And though their music has been likened to the soundtrack of a porno, these three guys are just really being more silly than sexy. They don't take themselves too seriously (they list "puberty" and "party" as some of their influences).

If you like to laugh while you dance to your kitschy post-new-wave, The Teenagers are the band for you.

The Teenagers play Sonotheque, on Saturday, January 26th.


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