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Chicago's Dianogah are back with more math-rock bass.

January 15, 2008
I'm so glad this band is playing shows again (well, in Chicago anyway. Stay tuned for further touring details... if any). Dianogah were one of the Chicago heroes during Illinois' "post-math-rock" heyday. Formed in 1995, these three guys relied on two bass guitars and an occasional bass vocalist (who sometimes sounded like the guy in Crash Test Dummies) to make (mostly) instrumental rock that somehow wasn't boring.

Without the luxury of a guitar or three, Dianogah were still able to write impossible catchy melodies that made you want to tap your feet more than bang your hand. Their bass-offs with the drummer were thrilling to watch. We saw them open for Don Cabellero at the Empty Bottle in 2000, and it was one of those shows that I still look back on fondly. These guys just killed it in such a pleasant way.

Thankfully they have their first new album in YEARS out in 2008. I'm glad they are back. Who doesn't need more easy-going bass bands in their lives?


Dianogah play The Empty Bottle, on Saturday, January 26th.


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