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The 2008 'Tomorrow Never Knows' Festival

January 8, 2008
It's Tomorrow Never Knows time again! Who knows what the title "Tomorrow Never Knows" refers to (The Beatles song? Why?); we just know it means it's the fourth year that Schubas is putting on a lovely winter mini-music festival by that name. Like always, 2008's five-day January event (held indoors, thankfully) features many solid bands that will help you resist the post-holiday malaise and keep January's tragic drive from reaching your doorstep.

Below is a quick highlight of but a few bands that are playing the "Tomorrow Never Knows" festival. For more information go here.

The Walkmen - You've loved them ever since you first heard that car commercial. If you haven't kept up with these guys in awhile, now's the time to come out and see if these NYC guys can still rock those swooping and sliding melodies just like it's 2002 all over again. Ah, 2002...

White Rabbits - Speaking of The Walkmen, the slightly soulful guitar/piano pop sound that NYC's White Rabbits rocks has often been compared to The Walkmen (and The National, too). In their bouncy songs (that often employ three-part harmony) you'll hear traces of reggae, perhaps a little ska, and a strong dose of R&B.

White Williams - This is the plugged-in pop project of Cleveland's Joe Williams. Double W's happy synths, good-natured bass thumps, and blissful laptop beats have been gaining steady acclaim, especially after he played a bunch of dates with his like-minded gadget peers, Girl Talk and Dan Deacon. His peaceful, up-tempo jams remind me of Hawaiian surf songs meets Hot Chip (especially Williams' carefree tenor).

Cadence Weapon - Another alias, this time of one Roland Pemberton. He's the twenty-one year old lyrical genius straight from the streets of Edmonton who's been wowing the northern North American crowd with his rap skills and commanding stage presence. Going to a Cadence Weapon show is definitely an exercise is group participation. He often goes into the crowd and throws down tongue-twisting wordplay right under your nose.

John Vanderslice - San Francisco's troubadour has been singer/songwriting his way across the dusty plains for a few years now. He writes enchantingly lyrical, guitar-driven pop songs with a twinge of twang. Vanderslice has many good tales to tell, sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes hopeful, but always worth listening to.

See these bands and more at Schubas!


Schubas' "Tomorrow Never Knows" festival runs from Wednesday, January 16th to Sunday, January 20th.


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