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Does Zookeeper mean emo has all growns up?

November 27, 2007
Austin's Zookeeper is the latest pop project of Chris Simpson (with a revolving cast of supporting musicians). You probably know Simpson as the singer of the once-we-were-emo-kings band, Mineral. Mineral certainly had their fair share of hardcore fans back in the late 90's. I thought they were ok (Christie Front Drive did it better), but I actually liked his next band, The Gloria Record, more. Seriously, how can you not love lamenting anthems about long commutes and lost cats?

But successes aside, Mineral and The Gloria Record's time on band-earth were relatively brief. Now Simpson's at it again with Zookeeper. Consider this band the grown-up version of Mineral and The Gloria Record. Zookeeper's songs can still pull at your heartstrings like his other two bands did, but Simpson mixes in some country twang and chamber pop orchestration to pull off the emotion. And grown-ups love chamber pop. Zookeeper has recently toured with The New Year, Low and The Good Life.


Zookeeper plays The Beat Kitchen, on Saturday, December 5th.


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