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The Pipettes: Spice Girls meets The Ramones?

November 13, 2007
Like AIDS Wolf, these guys are not for everyone (but for vastly different reasons). England's The Pipettes are three "hot" girls who wear matching polka-dot dresses and sing 50's sock-hop ditties about boys and kissing and dancing. Sweet. There's lots of synchronized retro choreography and three-part "oooh-laaah" harmonies in the mix, too.

So yeah, The Pipettes are definitely a high-concept group ("gimmick" would be another word), but their songs are a little bit better than The Spice Girls. This is kitschy music you want playing on your car radio as you wait for your roller-skating waitress to bring out your window clip-on tray of hamburgers and milkshakes. Why one would ever find themselves in that situation in 2007 is another story.

The Pipettes play The Double Door, on Wednesday, November 21st.


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