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Bald Eagle rock hard and fast.

November 6, 2007
Who knew a band from Columbia, Missouri could legitimately hit so hard? (After all, Mizzou's basketball team has historically comprised of a bunch of pretend little punks... sorry, an Illini fan writing). But the four guys in Bald Eagle do hit hard and fast. This band displays lots of power when they take the stage, and it is power fueled by plenty of riffage, poundage and screamage.

Bald Eagle list some of their influences as Drive Like Hot Snakes, The Jesus Lizard and Black Sabbath. I can definitely still hear the residue of all of those legendary bands when Bald Eagle plugs in and sets their amps soaring. Overall, this is mostly good old punk with a trace of sludge (and a horn or two thrown in. Yikes!). Get into it. (This may be a good band, but they'll still never be able to take their Braggin' Rights back from the I-L-L.)

Bald Eagle play Schubas, on Saturday, November 17th.


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