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Go See Goes Cube And Get Yourself Punished.

October 30, 2007
Holy shit, Goes Cube is an insanely good band. I went to see these guys expecting nothing and came away feeling newfound hope for the future of rock in New York City. Their formula is simple, the singer/guitarist wails while stomping on his distortion pedal, the bassist blasts out quick booming riffs, and the drummer, well, the drummer is just sick. He's seriously the best drummer I've seen in quite a while. When he really gets into it, he even stands up in order to get the optimal angle for precise pummeling. Now that's rock 'n' roll.

Goes Cube (like fellow NYC rockers, The Big Sleep) are mighty refreshing in these post-Interpol days. This band scoffs at synths. This band can't be bothered with blog hype. And damn it, this band wears whatever the hell they want. This band rules. See them. Now.

Goes Cube play Beat Kitchen, on Tuesday, November 6th.


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