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Mum and Tom Brosseau: two of the most unique talents in music.

October 23, 2007
Two guys and twin sisters make up the dreamy Mum. They met in 1997 while working on a children's play. It makes sense. Mum could easily be commissioned to score the music for, say, "Alice in Wonderland" or "Jack and the Beanstalk." Like their Icelandic counterparts, Sigur Ros (and their opener, Tom Brosseau), Mum write ethereal fanciful musical compositions that remind one of pink bunny rabbits hopping in a yellow field of blue poppies.

What started as more of a conventional rock band, Mum decided they were much more influenced by Aphex Twin than Radiohead. They found inspiration in His Knob Twiddler-ness' use of bouncing melodies, beep-clicks, and crackly percussion. They incorporated this unique sound into their work, resulting in the sensational debut Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today is OK, written when all the members were in their teens. (It sure seems like 19 is the new 40 these days).

Now with a few solid albums under their belts, including the just released, "Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy," Mum is still beep-clicking away and leaving their child's play behind them.

Opening is Tom Brosseau, North Dakota's finest folk troubadour. That he happens to be the only folk troubadour from North Dakota that I'm aware of is strictly beside the point. This guy is good! Listen to his latest album Cavalier on FatCat Records (The Twlight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, Animal Collective) and prepare for some of the richest tales you'll hear sung this year.

I'm not sure whether to cry or just get wasted when I hear this guy sing. How about both? With a highly-distinctive tenor (like Devendra distinctive), Brosseau's sparse acoustic songs soar to heartbreaking heights. It's just kind of beautiful in a most subtle way. Tom Brosseau is for fans of M Ward, Elvis Perkins and Leonard Cohen.

Mum and Tom Brosseau play Logan Square Auditorium, on Thursday, November 1st.


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