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Lo-Fi-Fnk = exceptional electro-pop

October 10, 2007
I'm sort of obsessed with Lo-Fi-Fnk's album, Boylife. I've listened to this young Swedish duo's import record fifteen times (thanks for the accurate stat, iTunes) in the last week. The frequency of my listens reminds me of 1993 when Siamese Dream first came out. Pretty heavy company, indeed.

Not that these guys (Leo Drougge and August Hellsing, to be exact) sound at all like pre-bald SP. Lo-Fi Fnk are a stellar synth duo with (shockingly) very solid vocals to go along with their great beats. They make happy machine music for hip and hopeful people. These songs are just so darn catchy, I have to force myself to give this record a break or risk long-term burnout. But it's a risk worth taking, all in the name of electro-pop.

Lo-Fi-Fnk play Metro, on Tuesday, October 16th.


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