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Qui and Excepter bring the weird noise to Western Avenue.

September 17, 2007
What show would we go to this week? Well, since we just got a brand new pair in the mail of our trusty Earloves (our old ones were getting rather goopy) we figured we should test them out at a LOUD show. So were going to go see Qui and Excepter at the Empty Bottle, on Friday, September 28th. Everyone else who comes inadequately prepared may find their ears getting quite upset with them, but well be front and center, our ear drums happily tapping softly to the decibel destruction.

L.A.'s Qui is a powerful band featuring the vocal talents of David Yow from The Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid fame. The group (of two) has been around since 2000, but Yow only came on in 2006 to make it a trio. With his name attached, you just know Qui isn't for the softies.

This is heavy, sludgy, guttural stuff with those deep, distorted and well-placed guitar tones that remind you of the Steve Albini school of kicking ass. Or the Melvins. You can consider Qui's songs as mostly minimalistic. There's only a guitarist, a drummer and Yow, so there's not a whole lot of layering going on.

Their riffs and thumps and wails take their time getting to the punch. But punch they do. Yow's album debut with Qui will be released be Mike Patton's (ex-Faith No More) Ipecac Recordings. Rock it.

NYC's Excepter play electro-psych filled with scattered beats, programmed pulses, and squiggly synths. Fueled by minimalistic male & female vocals/cries/wails, Excepter lulls you into a hypnotic trance with their experimental acid-y noises and repetitive glitchy clicks. This is music that is as challenging as it is beautiful.

There's some work involved in listening to these drones, but the payoff is unexpected twists, turns and noise improvisations that work towards a cathartic, and entirely unpredictable, experience in sound. This isn't stuff you can hum on the subway, unless your intent is clearing out your car, because no one wants to sit next to The Crazy. Keep your brain healthy. Do the Sunday crossword puzzle or listen to Excepter.

Qui and Excepter play the Empty Bottle, on Friday, September 28th.


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