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Maserati are faster than they used to be.

September 10, 2007
I love this Athens band. I still listen to their 2000 out-of-print album 37:29:24 at least once a month. If you like instrumental rock with just the right balance of melody, psych experimentation and mathy damage, than Maserati is the band for you. They've accelerated their rhythms as time went by.

These guys were just getting rolling when their label, Kindercore, folded a few years back. Luckily, they not only survived, they got stronger. In 2005, a great band got even better with the addition of Jerry Fuchs as their drummer. Don't know Jerry? Then you've never listened to Turing Machine or The Juan MacLean, because he was their dynamo drummer. He's also freelanced his percussive services with !!! and LCD Soundsystem. In fact, Fuchs is getting the reputation from many respected sources that he just may be the best drummer alive.

The band recently released its first full-length in over four years. The record kind of slays too. It's for fans of Tristeza, The Big Sleep, and Sonic Youth.

Maserati play Empty Bottle, on Wednesday, September 19th.


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