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Andrew Bird's inventive self-made orchestra.

September 4, 2007
Andrew Bird is perhaps the most famous indie violin rocker in the scene today. That's not exactly saying much since it's pretty much a two man race between him and the guy from Final Fantasy. But fame aside, what Andrew Bird really is is really good. Talk about an imaginative artist. Bird does this interesting thing where he plucks and bows his violin, then immediately samples the results, layering sounds with guitars, whistles, glockenspiels and, of course, vocals.

It is this clever twisting of an instrument thought of as "classical" into something decidedly "modern" that has garnered Bird many fans (including members of My Morning Jacket and Magnetic Fields), and even more articles of praise (the NY Times said Bird's album, The Mysterious Production of Eggs had, "Arcade Fire's orchestral-rock charm, but without the big production and the angst"). If you're in the mood for something inventive, check out Andrew Bird.

Come to the big Hideout Block Party for Andrew Bird, stay for O'Death, Art Brut, Dan Deacon and more!

Andrew Bird plays the Hideout Block Party, on Saturday, September 8th.


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