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Mixel Pixel mix it up, 2600 style.

July 30, 2007
Brooklyn's Mixel Pixel play eccentric electro-folk that takes as much influence from Atari as they do from guys like Brian Eno and Wayne Coyne. The trio mix up wacky, happy beats and sample all sorts of synth sounds, many of them from video games. Their most recent record, Contact Kid, was put out by the good people at Kanine (Professor Murder, Grizzly Bear, Oxford Collapse) and makes for a dizzying exploration in sonic hijinx.

You can sort of dance to this, but only if you have quick hips that can follow these random rhythm changes. We're not talking dancing like the DFA here. For fans of The Unicorns, Flaming Lips and The Advantage (just because they play Nintendo songs).

Mixel Pixel play Subterranean, on Friday, August 17th.


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