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Au Revoir Simone and Oh No! Oh My! play Abbey Pub.

July 30, 2007
Are you in the mood for pop? If so, go down to the Abbey Pub on Friday, August 17th and check out NYC's Au Revoir Simone (they rock the keyboard pop) and Austin's Oh No! Oh My! (they rock the guitar pop). Are you in the mood for death metal? Well, don't go to this show.

Au Revoir Simone are a female trio from New York that play pleasantly melancholic electro-piano pop. Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart all play keys and sing, but only Heather gets to also rock the drum machine. This is dreamy music that is tremendously easy to listen to. I had a headache when I put on Au Revoir Simone, and like magic, the headache was gone midway through the first song.

They recently toured with We are Scientists and The Double, and will appeal to fans of Dirty on Purpose (Erika used to be in that band and is featured on their EP), a mellower Mates of State, CocoRosie minus the bravado vibrato, and Wes Anderson films.

Openers Oh No! Oh My! play giddy guitar pop that literally bounces with sunny enthusiasm. Lyrics like "Nice Day for a Walk in the Park" accompanied by vocal "ba-da-bop-bops" is optimistic enough to drive even the Monday morning malaise away (although I would hate to be the woman they named their song "Jane is Fat" after).

The Tennessee-via-Austin trio had been racking up steady online acclaim for their delightful self-titled (and self-released) debut of last year. And this summer sees a brand new EP on Dim Mak. So much for being one of the best unsigned indie bands.

Fans of Belle & Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens and The Boy Least Likely To will find a tender spot in their musical hearts for Oh No! Oh My!'s buoyant songs.

Incorporating Wurlitzers, banjos, bells, samples, and the now requisite hand-claps, this is a straight-up party in a jewel case. If you come to their show in a bad mood, you won't leave that way. You may get a headache, however, from smiling too much.

Au Revoir Simone and Oh No! Oh My! play the Abbey Pub, on Friday, August 17th.


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