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Moth!Fight! make cool carnival music.

July 18, 2007
I can't recall how I stumbled upon these guys (perhaps it was the punctuation? I hear exclamation points are really "sticky" these days) but I feel happier since doing so. Austin's Moth! Fight! are a mammoth of a band (they have a bajillion rotating members) that stand a twee-ish middle ground somewhere between I'm From Barcelona, Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens.

The big band is led by singer/creator Kevin Adickes, who used to be in the bands Octopus Project and Single Frame. Adickes directs a revolving cast of musicians to create strange (but catchy) sounds using horns, strings, chimes, samples, and made-up instruments. The result is a grand experiment in orchestral whimsy. In other words, Moth! Fight! sort of sound like cool carnival music. Check out their epic songs "Hopscotch Part 1" and "Hopscotch Part 2." (If those aren't twee titles, I don't know what are.)

Moth!Fight! play South Union Arts, on Wednesday, July 25th.


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