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The Prids aren't all synthy doom and gloom.

July 2, 2007
The first thing you notice when listening to Portland's The Prids is that they really like the bass guitar, which then makes you think of bands like Interpolivision. Oh great, you're saying, another "retro" band (they even play synths too!). But The Prids aren't as doom and gloom and gothy as those other bass bands tend to sway. Just because they like it low on the strings and keys doesn't mean they expect your spirit to sway the same.

The catchiness makes their songs almost, dare we say it, sort of uplifting. Sure, this has the "retro" thing and the "are they British?" thing, but it also has the "good songs" thing too. There's lushness, there's atmosphere, and yes, even some brooding. But it's happy darkness.

The Prids play The Note, on Tuesday, July 10th.


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