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Brooklyn band Sannhet plays pretty post-rock brutality.

March 31, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

I like pretty music. I’m not ashamed. Quite the contrary. It might be the best thing I’ve got going on in the old character department. Brooklyn’s Sannhet play pretty instrumental music. Just like, say, Satie. Yeah. Satie. Really the only difference between Sannhet and Satie is that when this band has at it, it feels as if we’ve suddenly been thrust into a bloody dystopian world about to take on the Apocalypse.

But pretty is pretty is pretty just the same. I know pretty when I hear it. This is pretty.

Sannhet is made up of only three guys (that’s Christopher behind me pummeling the drums. he’s certainly fun to watch. and right over there we’ve got John crushing his guitar and stabbing some loops. say hi, John! and last but certainly not least we’ve got AJ. he’s the man who makes his bass go BOOM). But it sure sounds like an entire platoon fought together to create this post-rock destruction. This is loud. This is big. This is DIY. Super sized.

“Destruction? Crushing? Pummeling? The goddamn Apocalypse? Say. What gives, Rockness? I thought you said Sannhet were pretty? Is this the old hook-bait-and-switch run around? Because this fella has no time for any of that. Kinda like how they were trying to tell me Justin Timberlake had cred and was cool and was totally alt now. The Mickey Mouse boy band fella!”

No. We're shooting to you straight and from the hip. Sannhet are pretty, dear Rockness reader. They are. Haven’t you ever heard of something called a Joyful Noise before? Because that’s what this is. It’s the stuff that floats above the noisy fray. Those lilting melodies you can just make out among the deafening doom. That’s the uplift that swirls the storm. That's the prettiness. You'll have to listen for it. But it's there, man. It's there.

Stream this. You'll hear the prettiness. I know you will. Because I believe in you.


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