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A Sunny Day In Glasgow make meticulously arranged noise.

June 6, 2007
Philadelphia/Montreal's (who knows) A Sunny Day In Glasgow play lush, dreamy music similar to NYC's Asobi Seksu, coupled with the eclectic sonic clatter of bands like Grizzly Bear and (of course) My Bloody Valentine.

The band is fronted by a pair of identical twin sisters (Lauren and Robin Daniels), whose airy vocals float above this meticulously arranged noise. And this is indeed a family affair, as the man who dreamed up most of the instrumentation is the sisters' brother, Ben Daniels.

Pull away all the trickery and A Sunny Day in Glasgow makes pretty straightforward guitar pop, complete with cheery chords and choruses. But the band takes their initially simple songs and bends, twists and manipulates the tracks with strange samples, loops, and sounds to create something that sounds harsher and fresher. A strange and satisfying ride in musical experimentation.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow play South Union Arts, on Sunday, June 17th.


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