American Heritage are relentless in their riffs. - Oh My Rockness

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American Heritage are relentless in their riffs.

May 30, 2007
Chicago's American Heritage are a brutal band that calls to mind the metal might of Mastodon. These three guys have no agenda other than to simply slay. The "vocals" consist of gutturals growls, the guitars are relentless in their thunderous riffs, and the percussion is a non-stop angry assault.

Listening to American Heritage is a really good way of getting some of the day's aggressions out of your system. Pissed off at Mass Transit? Put on American Heritage. Boss got your down? Put on American Heritage. Just watched Rocky IV? Put on American Heritage. Their latest album, Millenarian, is a battle of thirty-six-minute proportions. Believe it. This is intense.

American Heritage play The Note, on Friday, June 1st.


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