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Maserati and Del Rey both rock the dynamic instrumental.

May 30, 2007
Two exceptional long-running bands with math-rock roots play Lakeshore Theater on Tuesday. Both Maserati and Del Rey are venerable veterans of the tempo tweaks and time signature spazz-outs. Plus, they both have sick percussion skills. This is going to be a good one.

Maserati: man, I love this Athens band. I still listen to their 2000 out-of-print album 37:29:24 at least once a month. If you like instrumental rock with just the right balance of melody, psych-drone experimentation and mathy damage (and who doesn't really?) then Maserati is the band for you.

In 2005 (after a couple years of semi-hibernation), a great band got even better with the addition of Jerry Fuchs as their drummer. Don't know Jerry? Then you've never listened to Turing Machine or The Juan MacLean, because he was their dynamo drummer. He's also freelanced his percussive services with !!! and LCD Soundsystem. In fact, Fuchs is getting the reputation from many respected sources that he just may be the best drummer alive.

Maserati's first full-length in over four years is expected imminently on Temporary Residence Ltd. We've heard it, and it's amazing. Rock them if you like Tristeza, The Big Sleep, and Sonic Youth.

Opening is Chicago's Del Rey; a band that was kind enough to play the Oh My Rockness "March Radness II" party in NYC a couple months back. They slayed! We asked them to play because, well, they're right up our alley. You may know by now that we have a soft-spot in our hearts for explosive vocal-less bands...especially those out of Chicago. Del Rey is one of those bands.

These guys rock such crazy time-changing rhythms they need two drummers to pull off their feats of hectic cadence. The band started back in 1997 and it's apparent even from the very first listen that these guys are craftsmen of their instruments. In other words, they're really, really tight.

It would be easy for tempo exploits such as these to sound messy and muddled from a band that didn't know any better, but Del Ray have been at mastering this for a decade and definitely have it down. Their songs slowly and surely build towards wonderful crashes of climactic release.

This is a basic guitar-bass-and-drums band in the absolutely best sense. You will like it if you like From Monument to Masses, By the End of Tonight and Trail of Dead.

Maserati and Del Rey play Lakeshore Theater, on Tuesday, June 5th


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