Beach House play with their tempo turned down. - Oh My Rockness

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Beach House play with their tempo turned down.

May 23, 2007
Beach House are a Baltimore duo that play organ and reverb heavy songs that are a safe substitute for tranquilizers. Alex Scally (guitar) and Victoria Legrand (organs/vocals) write layered, down-tempo songs full of all sorts of those subtle electronic pulses that can slowly entrance and seduce the listener into taking a chilled-out trip.

Aggressive music this isn't. This isn't a rock-out, it's a space out. Beach House makes the kind of music meant for reminiscing, lava lamp gazing, and sleeping-bag star watching. Their gentle swirls will appeal to the easy-going fans of Cass McCombs, Spiritualized and Nico.

Beach House play Subterranean, on Saturday, June 2nd.


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