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Slothrust: psych-punk band with a blues riff and beat.

March 17, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC’s Slothrust is a psych-punk band with a blues riff and beat (so watch them for the changes and try and keep up, ok?) led by singer/distorted/shredder Leah Wellbaum (with Will Gorin on drums and oh yeah a 12 string guitar sometimes! and Kyle Bann on bass and even the organ occasionally! and why am I yelling! because names of band members and the instruments they play excite me!).

These three aren’t messing around. Slothrust are going to invade your lo-fi life and make it glow with distorted grunge goodness. Sometimes they’ll make your soul sing the blues, too. But don’t worry. They’re not going to slowly swirl those slightly foreboding guitar solos and let you linger in the darkness for too long.

Because when Leah steadily brings her guttural and smoky vocals up to a shout…. and her riffs gain velocity and volume…. well, I do believe you’re about to get yourself rocked out. And there’s nothing dark about that. (Will and Kyle contribute to the rock out too - I don’t want you to feel left out, guys.)

If I had to compare Slothrust to other bands, I’d say that I don’t have to do that. Whew! I’ll just say that you should listen to their album I’ve posted below and see if you like it like I like it. And if you do we can simply say, “Slothrust is recommended if you like Slothrust.” If you don’t like it, I RESPECT YOUR COUNTER OPINION. OHHHH. BURN. BUST.


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