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The Album Leaf and Young Galaxy are noise-nots.

May 16, 2007
Have a headache but still want to see a show? This is your chance to rock out without really rocking out. The Album Leaf and Young Galaxy play melodic, pain free pop. You don't have to worry too much about feedback and distortion at this one.

San Diego's The Album Leaf play melancholy better than anyone since, well, Jimmy LaVelle's previous band, Tristeza. Mostly instrumental, heavy on the melody, and light on tiresome ambient-friendly beep-clicks, The Album Leaf's music evokes forgotten dreams, regret, love lost and fading memories, yet still somehow manages to be uplifting.

LaVelle's graceful songs soar without manipulation by balancing melody and complexity. Guitars and keys duel it out to see who can produce the more beautiful note, a battle that is typically too close to call. Seeing them live is like listening to their albums. You're not sure if you're happy or you're sad, but it feels really good.

Opening for Album Leaf is the young Young Galaxy, a band consisting of Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless. (You may know Ramsay from everybody's favorite ageless beauties, Stars). Together, the two pleasant Canadians trade off breezy vocals to create lushly layered indie-pop that throws in some subtle synths to round out their soft sound. Kind of sounds like Stars, doesn't it?

Young Galaxy's music seems meant to correspond with lots of light, so whatever stage they play on better have lots of blue and red and green beams firing off from above as they play these dreamlike tracks. It'll be trippy. Their debut is due out on Arts & Crafts, home to such spazzy noise-core brutal bands as American Analog Set and Broken Social Scene. (That's a joke for all those playing at home.)

The Album Leaf and Young Galaxy play Logan Square Auditorium, on Saturday, May 19th.


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