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Tornavalanche will destroy you.

May 9, 2007
Chicago's Tornavalanche came up with their name by combining tornado and avalanche, two of Mother Nature's most destructive forces. I may have gone with Tsunicane, but that's just me. They are one of those bands I instantly liked at first listen. They've got extremely tight rhythms, they've got great guitar parts, they've got 2 (yeah, 2!) drummers, and just generally rock out in all the right ways.

Before their new venture in furious decibel destruction, the five-piece that is Tornavalanche features former members of Iowa City's Ten Grand (an amazing amazing band) and Milwaukee's hardcore finest, Forstella Ford. No matter how much my tastes my change, I'll always be there for any band that rocks out with a guitar. Always. For fans of Level Plane stuff, Tight Phantomz and a much more aggressive Plastic Constellations.

Tornavalanche play Beat Kitchen, on Friday, May 18th.


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