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The Hotelier: melodic emo punk for people who like melodic emo punk

March 10, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

The Hotelier (pronounced The Hotel Year - which was the original spelling of their name - and then they changed it - i don’t know why - and that’s all i got concerning that wonderfully engaging backstory) are a dramatically melodic emo punk band from Worcester, MA.

There are four dudes in this band (Christian! Cody! Chris! Sam? Why couldn’t your name be Cam, Sam? For symmetry!) and they would like you to listen to their songs of measured longing and slight discomfort. It’s not all sadness now. The Hotelier’s music is buoyed by the tentative knowledge that things will probably maybe end up being oooookkkkkkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyy! (that’s the official emo spelling of “okay.”) It’s the hope that gets me. Every time.

The Hotelier just released their second album. As in today. Like, this very day that I am sitting here writing this band profile. Which is 1:22pm on February 25th in the Year of the Purdue Wonderchicken. Wait. Now it’s 1:24pm. It took me two minutes to write two lines. This new album is excellent. It’s called “Home, Like Noplace is There.” And it’s already one of my most listened to new albums this year.

(The strange syntax of the album title is just added gravy. Love So, Shit Like That I Do.)

I’ve always had a small tender spot somewhere in my hardened heart for emo like the kind The Hotelier is blasting. These guys are GOING for it. I do believe it’s the earnest screams and crunchy/pretty guitars I like the most.

It’s a little strange, though. Because I thought the pleasures of poppy punk left me right around the time I graduated college and went off into the real world to stand around and watch my nominal hopes and safety net dreams crushed. But then there was a super famous emo holy tent revival that swept the nation late last year (The Year of The Whisper-Quiet Maytag Dishmaster) and I came back into the fold…. just like the Prodigal Son... who returned home to his father... who then threw him a poppy emo punk party rager…. it’s true…. look it up.

I should have realized emo and I would be together again. Give me the music you loved as a child of 16 - and I will give you the man. Thanks for bringing me back on the right path, The Hotelier. I owe you one.


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