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Maps and Alases are all over the place.

March 7, 2007
Chicago's Maps and Atlases make music that's hard to wrap your head around. You need a map to figure out where they're going. At first they sound like Don Caballero (of the "American Don" era) with their crazy time signatures and distortion-free rock-outs, but then at other times they sound like Danielson (mostly due to the singer's voice... as far as I know, he doesn't sing in a tree, though) crossed with a masculine version of Joanna Newsom's folk-freak-outs.

Whatever they're doing, it's different and really cool. You just got to keep up. They've recently toured with Rahim, Matt & Kim, and These Arms are Snakes. Chicago does it again.

Maps and Atlases are also playing with 2 of our very favorite bands; Call Me Lightning and Rahim! This is one SICK bill so come early.

Maps and Atlases play Subterranean, on Saturday, March 20th.


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