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Russian Circles and Del Rey just rock.

February 28, 2007
We're gonna rock and have a good time! Tonight's the night, the night we move! Together we will stand to rock the land! So Stryper says, anyway. But it's a sentiment that's perfectly appropriate for this insane show at Schubas. If you want to ROCK, Russian Circles and Del Rey respectively represent the ROCK.

Chicago's Russian Circles play powerful instrumental rock similar to their city mates (and practice space pals), Pelican. Man, I'm such a sucker for this kind of music. Who couldn't love guitars that slowly and surely build into a mighty release of distorted aggression?

Their mighty rock-outs are backed by insane percussion that propels these "choruses" away from indie rock's frontier and into the edges of metal territory. Russian Circles may play long and loud, but they never lose sight of the melody... the downfall of many an instrumental band. There is a cohesiveness and structure to these "epic" songs that have a clear beginning, middle and end, as every true song should. Get ready to love them.

Del Rey is right up our alley! They are an explosive instrumental band from Chicago that rock such crazy time-changing rhythms, they need two drummers to pull off their math-rockian feats of hectic cadence. The band started back in 1997 and it's apparent even from the very first listen that these guys are craftsmen of their instruments. In other words, they're really, really tight.

It would be easy for tempo exploits such as these to sound messy and muddled from a band that didn't know any better, but Del Ray have been at mastering this for a decade and definitely have it down. Their songs slowly and surely build towards wonderful crashes of climactic release. This is a basic guitar-bass-and-drums band in the absolutely best sense. This is rock. For fans of From Monument to Masses, By the End of Tonight and Trail of Dead.

Russian Circles and Del Rey play Schubas, on Saturday, March 3rd.


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