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Call Me Lightning have horsepower.

February 7, 2007
Milwaukee's Call Me Lightning are currently (as of 1/26/07 anyway) Frenchkiss Record's newest signings, so right away you know you're in for some good jerky guitar rock. And the band does not buck the trend, employing a superbly skittish angular sound that propels this punk.

But their angularity and scratchy vocal shrieks are nicely supported by melodic overtones that give these songs some feeling. In other words, you can rock and hum to this. Call Me Lightning's riffs sound similar to their label mates, The Plastic Constellations, and you can also throw in a Minutemen reference in regards to their bass lines too. I bet this show will fall into the "high octane" category. Or maybe it's a show that "runs only on Diesel" or has a lot of "horsepower." All I know seeing Call Me Lightning Live should definitely have something to do with gasoline.

Call Me Lightning play Empty Bottle, on Monday, February 19th.


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