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A free show featuring Tight Phantomz, Mannequin Men, Reds and Blue and free drinks too!

January 31, 2007
Granted, we have ulterior motives in making our own show the Recommended Show this week, but then again, why would we put it on if we didn't think it ruled? Oh My Rockness is teaming up with myopenbar.com (the good peeps who tell you where the free booze is at) and Paul Frank for a crazy party to celebrate the launch of myopenbar's new Chicago Edition. We picked three of the best Chicago bands (Tight Phantomz! Mannequin Men! Reds and Blue!) to see while drinking for free. Not only is the alcohol free, but so is the show! Now you have no excuse not to go.

Headlining is Tight Phantomz, a band that makes hot 'n' sweaty 70's rock cool again (as if it ever wasn't!). Featuring former members (including leader Mike Lust) of the ever-effervescent Lustre King, Tight Phantomz seriously kick out the grimy jams, forming classic rock magic with a BANG out of smoggy, distorted air. This is music led by AXES, not guitars. Tight Phantomz could easily get on tour with "dirty bands" like Rye Coalition and Death From Above 1979, and should think about forming a ZZ Top or Skynard cover band on the side. There's a lot of muscle in these power chord riffs, but also a hint of spookiness that would even make Black Heart Procession proud.

A whole lot of music fans in Chicago are talking about Mannequin Men and their insane live shows. It won't be long before the love for their D.I.Y. noise spreads outside the state of Illinois. These four guys are quickly gaining a reputation as a band that takes it to the next level when they take the stage. The Men play an exciting hybrid of art-garage-retro rock that sounds similar to old bands like Wire and The Revelons (an often overlooked group of the late 1970's) and new contemporaries like The Black Lips and The Ponys. When you want boozy punk rock, this is what you want.

Opening are Reds and Blue, a female-fronted band that's down with the psych-rock-prog. They play dissonant, druggy melodies that would make Janis J. look down in approval. Besides keys, the band incorporates several woodwind instruments to help further transport the listener back to 1969. Reds and Blue may be new to the scene, but their members have long been part of the music making machine. Keyboardist/vocalist Ellen Bunch was formerly of the Polyvinyl band, ZZZZ, and drummer Areif Sless-Kitain was in D.C.'s punk outfit, Bluetip.

Oh yeah, the Walter Meego boys are DJ'ing too! By the way, did we mention this show was FREE?

Tight Phantomz, Mannequin Men and Reds and Blue play Schubas, on Friday, February 2nd.


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