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Schubas 'Tomorrow Never Knows' 2007

January 10, 2007
Whoa-ho-ho-ho, look at it roll! It's the return of Schubas 'Tomorrow Never Knows' festival! Get ready for five days and nights of music. Now I know what you're thinking, how is this any different than what a music venue does on a daily basis anyway? Well, we have a very good answer to that if you would just let us think for a's just different, ok! Plus, Oh My Rockness is a sponsor, so that makes it kind of special, right? Right? (Silence.) Hello? (Sweat forms.) Hello? (Tugging of our collar.)

There are a lot of quality bands playing this deal. You've got The Ponys (who Richard Hell is TOTALLY copying by the way) and you've got The French Kicks, a band that seemingly has its mojo back. And let's not forget our perennial pop favorites, Bound Stems and Dirty on Purpose (has a male falsetto ever sounded so dreamy?). Thrill Jockey's Pit Er Pat and Polyvinyl's Headlights also play as does Dr. Dog (a band's buzz band that has played with Cold War Kids, Elvis Perkins and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). There's a whole lot more we're leaving out because we have to run catch our flight from NYC to Chicago. So go and check out the above bands and the ones we so egregiously left out. C'mon, we wouldn't steer you wrong.

Be sure to say hi if you go. We have brown hair. And we will be wearing a t-shirt. And jeans. If that helps to pick us out. And if all that fails, we'll be the ones holding a beer. Oh, and we're also a Cyclops.

Schubas 'Tomorrow Never Knows' Festival runs from Wednesday, January 10th, to Sunday, January 14th


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