Cause Co-Motion takes this distortion and shoves it. - Oh My Rockness

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Cause Co-Motion takes this distortion and shoves it.

January 10, 2007
NYC jangly pop quartet Cause Co-Motion! (who destroyed at the 'Oh My Rockness Turns 2!' birthday party in NYC) are an extremely charming band that prefer a choppy, clean guitar sound to anything distorted. Although these guys have been around in various incarnations since 2002, they've seemed to finally be making a push to take it to the next level.

They recently released a fantastic EP (produced by the guy in The Rogers Sisters) on the better-by-the-hour NYC label What's Your Rupture? (Love is All, Comet Gain, The Long Blondes), and been generating much love for their entirely energetic live shows. Cause Co-Motion! make frantic guitar rock sound just so pleasant. These guys have the goods to stick around for a while.

Cause Co-Motion! play Ronnys, on Tuesday, January 16th.


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