Oh My Rockness' Guide to New Year's Eve 2006

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Oh My Rockness' Guide to New Year's Eve 2006

December 20, 2006
Maybe all is quiet on New Year's Day, Bon-Bon, but not here in these parts on New Year's Eve. I'm not sure how things go down in Ireland, but things can get pretty wacky on this end of the Pond. I swear, last year we mistakenly ventured out to the Wash-N-Dry to starch our pants when we crossed paths with a couple of people who appeared to be "intoxicated." I'm not even joking! Of course, maybe they just had an inner ear infection and that's why they looked a tad unstable, and maybe they were shouting so loud on our subway train because that one window was open a little crack, and maybe it was celebratory cake crumbs and egg nog on their coat and not, well, let's not even GO THERE!

But I don't mean to give you the wrong idea and have you judge the whole town based on a few naughty apples. Most of us, myself included, will spend the night curled up at home with a good Tom Clancy novel and a nice cup of chamomile. Sure, we'll let our hair down and maybe blow our novelty New Year's horn when the ball drops, but I'm sure our neighbors will understand. After all, 2007 only comes around every so often.

As for the naughty ones, well, I hear people of "their kind" go and see live rock shows on New Years Eve. And to make matters far worse, they're usually held at event halls with liquor licenses! The horror! Well one thing is for sure, we won't be out there. We're content to do the Auld Lang Syne jitterbug alone as a shutterbug.

Oh My Rockness' Guide to New Years Eve 2006

Russian Circles at Beat Kitchen
Do you know what frightens me even more than instrumental metal mayhem? Flavor crystals.

The Hold Steady at House of Blues
Little known fact: The Hold Steady write "smart" rock 'n roll.
Little known fact: Frasier was the smartest show on television.
Little known fact: It's really all about oil.

Girl Talk at Empty Bottle
We love Girl Talk. As a matter of fact, here's what we just overheard in the hallway. "Hey, what do you think of Oh My Rockness?" "OMG, OMR? Gross! More like Oh My Pukeness! Why, don't tell me you like them or something." "No! God, no! I was just going to say, like, what's up with their show listings? It's more like, er, like... shit listings." "Ha! For real, girl!"

Alkaline Trio & Smoking Popes at Metro
The fact that these two once-defunct pop-emo-punk bands are back together again gives us new hope that our parents will get remarried one day soon. I mean, it has been more than 20 years, but we just know if we're good enough, and promise to clean our rooms every day, and never ask for a raise in our allowance, they'll learn to love each other again. And they'll sweep us away to Chuckie Cheese and we'll all jump in the balls and play Galaga it will be just like before!

The Raconteurs at Riveria Theatre
Did we ever tell you about the time we had pizza with Brendan Benson on our balcony? Oh wait, we tell everybody about that time. But seriously, there was this one time where we had pizza with Brendan Benson on our balcony and as we were hanging out he was talking about how on tour one time him and Jack......... and finally, Bren-Ben just looks at me deadpan and says, "The Aristrocrats." Ha!

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See ya on the flip side in 2007!



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