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Born Ruffians were born better.

November 29, 2006
The Toronto trio Born Ruffians play catchy eccentro-pop that employ those warbled vocals you've heard from Clap Your Hands Say Arcade Femmes. They're down with distortion-free guitars that play high and pretty notes over confused time signatures. Think of their music as sounding sort of like Pinback meets The Unicorns, maybe.

The guys have seen their stock soar lately with a couple of good things they've got going on. They toured with our electro-heroes Hot Chip, and they just released their debut EP for the suddenly cool again Warp Records (remember when that label used to just be electronic?). Born Ruffians, along with Tokyo Police Club, will lead the charge towards making Toronto the next Montreal. Bet.

Born Ruffians play Subterranean, on Monday, December 11th.


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