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Australia's The Presets bring the grimy beat.

November 1, 2006
This is the new grimy goodness that's set to blow up. The Presets are an Australian post-electro duo that makes club music for people who hate club music. Their new album, Beams, on Modular Records (home of Australia's contemporary classic-rock wonders, Wolfmother) sounds equal parts glitchy and punky. Think the kind of stuff LCD Soundsystem does; spiky and angular guitars, tightly programmed beats, and a sense of humor, albeit much darker.

The Presets are best played loud and with the lights turned low. This is what you listen to when you're about to do something devious... like steal a briefcase full of cash, or someone's girl, or not tip your bartender. The Presets will be most appreciated by the late night party people. We used to be one of those people once...

The Presets open for The Rapture at The Metro, on Sunday, November 5th.


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