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Spank Rock is dirty

October 4, 2006
Baltimore/Philadelphia "that's ill for your health" duo Spank Rock are DIRTY. Think 2 Live Crew meets Kool "Sex Style" Keith dirty! So if you're particularly sensitive to repeating lyrics like "ass and boobs, I'd tap the ho" (that was the cleanest lyric I heard), well, then stay far, far away. But if your ears aren't oft offended, then you will eat up Spank Rock's electro-beats and lightning quick rhymes.

Word is spreading faster than fire that a Spank Rock show is THE show to be at. It will be an experience. And don't bring your parents or priest unless they are particularly cool with genitalia references. Think Beastie Boys meets Peaches meets Beck.

Spank Rock play The Empty Bottle, on Wednesday, October 11th.


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