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Container = delightful instrumental madness

December 16, 2013

Container is Ren Schofield from Providence. He makes complicated instrumental techno madness that you can somehow almost dance to - maybe. It goes weird and it goes straight. It's challenging, but sometimes really accessible. And it's got those big time club beats often laid over piercing screeches of electronic misdirection. It's all over the place. And it's just right.

Consider Container the work of a man interested in making tight rhythmic meanderings that relaxes your mind which then allows your body to follow. Thus, the dancing. Maybe. But whatever you do, don't overthink this. You gotta feel this. And when you start to feel it, settle in and let its magic both confuse and delight you.

So yes. After reviewing the words above, apparently I can't make sense of Container either. But I like it. I sure do like it. And now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go blast it. Yes. I. Am.


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