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The Thermals: Happy Rock Sans Cheese

September 20, 2006
I love brooding, angst-filled music that gnaws at my consciousness and shreds the recesses of my soul. But I also love music that I can listen to and exclaim "How fun! How catchy!" The Thermals have been riding the "fun" and "catchy" wave for a few years now, but on their latest (and quite possibly their best) album, The Body, The Blood, The Machine, they've gotten serious, tackling that oh-so-fun topic of right-wing religion. Good times!

You won't find many bands that put on a more exuberant live show than these guys. At a Thermals gig, expect the following: play two and half minute song, one second pause, play three minute song, tune, play two minute song, one second pause, repeat cycle for thirty to thirty-three minutes. And it's damn hard to resist their charm. Hutch Harris' highly infectious lyrics master the teetering line of simple yet clever wordplay without the superficiality. And Kathy Foster is just a joy to watch on the bass as she fully commits to her rock-outs.

Sure, The Thermals know they are a catchy band, but that makes them all the more irresistible. Why fight it? And even better, they know that just because they play power chords, doesn't mean they're music can't say something insightful. Lately, their insight is that our nation is under the grips of tyranny and religious hypocrisy. As I said, good times!

The Thermals play Metro, on Monday, September 25th.


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