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The Advantage rock Nintendo.

August 16, 2006
Holy shit, this band rules. Featuring members of Hella and Crime in Choir, The Advantage's goal is to record every Nintendo song before they die. Can you say cooler than cool? Their albums completely shred with heart-stopping tracks from Megaman, Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon 2 and many other games, classics and lesser-known gems alike.

But the ultimate highlight in the band's repertoire is their song from Goonies 2. It's so unbelievably EMO and, standing on its own, ranks right up there with the greatest instrumentals of all time (including works by Mozart).

I can't imagine a more fun live show to see this year. If you like Ninetendo you'll LOVE The Advantage. They're tight as hell. And did I mention they exclusively play Nintendo songs?!? NES foreva!

The Advantage play Beat Kitchen, on Saturday, August 19th.


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