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Please Sirs, may I have another?

October 28, 2013
Sirs are a solidly poppish punk band from Purchase, NY - about 45 minutes as the crow flies from NYC (but the crow never had to take the Hutchinson Pkwy during rush hour and I may or may not have just Google Mapped to get that fact, bub). They’ve been around for a few years now, doing their melodically bombastic thing, but I’ve only gotten around to listening to them now. My bad. My gain. Because Sirs sound pretty well-rehearsed and pretty damn tight at this point. Ahhh. My band procrastination has paid off yet again.

These four dudes play (mostly) short songs with loud guitars that go all distorted and stuff. And these songs are shouted more often than they are sung. You know, the standard punkness. But sometimes a higher note is held, and a guitar riff soars to pretty territory, and together they work in tandem to deliver a much welcomed dose of classic emo. You know, the happy “rock out” kind of classic emo.

Hey, did you ever get into that band, Small Brown Bike? Was that just me? Sirs remind me of Small Brown Bike (and there’s another band recommendation if you don’t know who SBB were - that’s two recommends in one - this band profile is like a Double Decker taco, man - but less delicious - obviously).

So in quick summation, you’ve got a loud punk band with pretty melodies whose short songs never overstay their welcome thereby leaving you, the listener, always wanting more. I’m trying to think of reasons why you WOULDN’T like Sirs.

Well, if I had to say, and this is totally right off the top of my head stream of consciousness here, but if I HAD to say, I guess you wouldn’t like Sirs if you don’t like: 1) being happy 2) good music 3) good bands 4) tacos 5) a sick day spent on your couch as the sun streams in 6) the sound of a faraway train whistle piercing the still night 7) the sound of a heavy car driving slowly over gravel 8) the smell of new tennis balls 9) kind words and 10) Kit-Kats.

But that’s just if I HAD to say.

Play this good song from Sirs’ new EP. Never be sad again. The end.

SIRS do not have any shows scheduled....yet....but save them using your MY ROCKNESS ACCOUNT and we'll let YOU know when they're playing soon as WE know. Cool? Cool.


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