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Oh No! Oh My! play giddy guitar pop

August 2, 2006
One weekend after a hot-as-hell festival comes another one. A billion bands are playing Lollapalooza, this is just one of them.

Oh No! Oh My! play giddy guitar pop that literally bounces with sunny enthusiasm. Lyrics like "Nice Day for a Walk in the Park" accompanied by vocal "ba-da-bop-bops" is optimistic enough to drive even the Monday morning malaise away (although I would hate to be the woman they named their song "Jane is Fat" after).

The Tennessee-via-Austin trio has been racking up steady online acclaim for their delightful self-titled (and self-released) debut. Fans of Belle & Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens and The Boy Least Likely To will find a tender spot in their musical hearts for Oh No! Oh My!'s buoyant songs.

Incorporating Wurlitzers, banjos, bells, samples, and the now requisite hand-claps, this is a straight-up party in a jewel case. If you come to their show in a bad mood, you won't leave that way. You may get a headache, however, from smiling too much.

Oh No! Oh My! play Lollapalooza this on Saturday, August 5th.


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