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CTZNSHP: let's describe this.

October 21, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

Citizenship -- ok fine CTZNSHP, but I think vowels are just as cool as consonants, even if they do cost a little bit of money to acquire, so bands let’s not give up the good fight just yet -- is a solid post-something band from Montreal (i’m not going to say post-punk because we’ve been over this before). Think The Shins* meets My Bloody Valentine. (oohhhhhh no he didn’t go and make a Shins and My Bloody Valentine comparison in 2013 ohhhhhhhh snappppppp) Yes. Yes, I did. And I can read what’s in the parentheses, too.

Anyway, these three dudes make loud and hazy songs with melodies (mostly made possible by GOOD GUITARS) that swirl towards accessibility. That means you can sing along to this... if you wanted to. And I want to. I just haven’t deciphered all the words being sung over all this noise yet. But alas, there’s no time like the present to take the at-home DIY karaoke plunge, so I’ll give these songs a go when I take my much put-off shower immediately following this band profile. Either myself or my neighbors will let you know how I do. The walls are pretty thin around here. (i think my upstairs neighbor particularly enjoyed my rousing rendition of “We Are The World” the other morning - or so I interpreted from his refusal to make eye-contact with me when i held the door open for him.)

CTZNSHP are “on the rise,” whatever that means (bands are NOT bread). They’ve recently played shows with The National (i totally hear how and why that happened - and i think you’ll hear it too when you listen to that stream right down there) and Yuck and A Place to Bury Strangers to name but a few good bands. Maybe I'll name a few more good bands later. Depends on which way the wind blows. Also (as of this writing), they’re about to play CMJ. So you should go see them. And when you do, tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya. MOOHAHAHAHAHA!

(*maybe The Shins thing was a stretch - i’ll give you that - but c’mon, you don’t hear it a little bit in vocals for their song, “Heartbreak Kids?” - no? and you don’t really hear My Bloody Valentine either? what, should i have gone with Arcade Fire meets Joy Division or something instead? i just don’t know what you want from me these days. you’ve changed... you’ve really, really changed... ok off to shower now! see ya soon, bb!)

CTZNSHP does not have any shows scheduled....yet....but save them using your MY ROCKNESS ACCOUNT and we'll let YOU know when they're playing Chicago...as soon as WE know. Cool? Cool.


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